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Warehousing and Stock Control

The Options Warehouse and Stock Control software offers a comprehensive solution to warehousing and stock control to guarantee your business a complete package of warehouse solutions. Warehouse stock control enables a more effective and efficient process when handling stock, leaving time and money to concentrate on the most important parts of building and maintaining a successful business.

Unlike other companies, our services are not limited to a specific sector or client, providing for companies of various size and structure. Whether you are a small business holding stock in a single location, or an international company with stock spread out over multiple locations in warehouses on numerous sites, we can help.

Our experience has taught us what works best for businesses, allowing us to specifically tailor a system to meet your requirements, as outlined below.

Picking documentation and criteria

One of the first process of our warehouse control software is generating picking documentation. Warehouse staff can choose relevant criteria in order to best optimise the picking system.

This criteria may be for a particular:

  • Shipping method
  • Order type
  • Country
  • Value/weight range
  • Catalogue reference
  • Customer level

The software makes the process simple so that if no criteria is entered, all orders ready for the warehouse are automatically selected. Orders can then be packed and despatched promptly.

Minimise number of despatches per order

Orders can be automatically set to ship complete, thus minimising the number of despatches per order and reducing operational costs. Clients may require stock to arrive at the same time, particularly in the case of relating components or items; therefore, this system will help to provide the best service for your clients.

Despatch notes and invoices

Certain criteria and printing requirements may be necessary for your company’s despatch notes and invoices. As well as the usual information such as:

  • Quantity of purchase
  • Price of goods and/or service
  • Unique invoice number
  • Tax information
  • Parties involved

We can arrange to detail your specific terms of a deal or information on payment methods, in the case that a client purchases via credit.

Stock returns and resales

The stock management systems can direct returns to a specific location separate from other stock, avoiding confusion and enabling clear identification. This will allow the warehouse team to provide a prompter inspection before repackaging goods for resale.

Stock count facility

Inventory can be counted on a determined frequent basis, as a cycle and/or partial count. Cyclical counts may be daily or weekly for example, whilst partial counts act for a specific area or sector of stock. The focus on certain inventories can reduce stock risks, increasing the accuracy of an inventory system and reliability of the ordering/production scheduling. These services can be implemented within your company’s daily operations to avoid unnecessary disruptions. Stock count is particularly effective for retail stock control in order to highlight certain ranges or categories which may prove to be more or less popular than others.

Stock audit controls and inventory valuation

Providing a simple solution to keep your warehouse stock secure is one of our main objectives. All system and user initiated stock transactions are logged using stock control software, to give a record of stock and value. Stock audit controls and inventory valuation prevents any issues with products, from pilferage to damage. Finding the right space or conditions to properly store items, whether large or damageable is a key consideration.

Handheld barcode scanners

Managing storage, movement, and maintenance of stock in warehouses is becoming increasingly easier with the use of handheld barcode scanners. As an important shift from paper-based systems, scanners allow for instant stock recognition, boosting efficiency and ease for your warehouse team and all business members.

We understand how difficult it can be to successfully communicate amongst the various departments of a business. Scanners help connect warehouse teams, factory production teams, sales departments, in-house managers and head office. They have the flexibility to be used across many of the stock control and warehouse functions, from goods receipt and stock take, to picking, packing, and despatch of items.

Options warehouse control software provides a strong
backbone for your business and warehouse

  • Eliminate time spent on administration work and boost productivity with the easy, electronic system and tailored functions.
  • Generate effective time management, with scanners providing the exact location and quantity of stock available in the warehouse, as well as the easiest route and/or order of collection from the shelf.
  • Minimise and remove human error or risks with the vigilant stock control and barcode scanning system, which allows you to compare the barcode of an item with the catalogue barcode, preventing mis-picks.
  • Encourage better stock turn-over rate in-store and keep the demand-supply ratio consistent by simplifying operations so that a balance between inventories needed and inventories available in the warehouse is clear.
  • Speed up the full process so that stock passes through the hands of each relevant warehouse member, before quickly reaching the other necessary departments within your team, without increasing staff members or denting your budget.
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