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Integrated E-Commerce, Mail Order & Retail Solutions


Options manages all three sales channels as a single integrated supply chain, to give your business the easiest solution for accessing product and sales information. Mail order, retail, and ecommerce sales channels can be utilised together, or individually, for maximum success.

Our mail order software communicates directly with the central Options database so that a business’ product descriptions and policies can be maintained in the warehouse and more generally. The ecommerce retail systems and retail stock control then utilise these products and policies by working through the Options Web Services, with EPOS functions and online shopping options.

Synchronising Customer Records

Multichannel retailing with Options makes it possible to keep and maintain a unique record for each individual customer, which is synchronised across all of these sales channels. For every customer, a sales history is subsequently stored at all points of sale.

Regardless of the first point of the customer or any given sale, the record created allows different sales channels to service them. A customer may place an order online, over the telephone to the business’ call centre, or in an actual retail outlet. Any of these channels will then update their record history.

The comprehensive database makes it possible for staff to offer alternative sales options to customers. Our systems bridge the gap between sales channels so that, for example:

  • a retail order could be despatched through mail order if the specific product is not in stock in the retail outlet.
  • a product originally sold online through the business’ website or retail outlet can be returned and exchanged via the head office.

Product and Business Database

All master reference data can be stored within the central Options database to ensure consistency to customers of the business’ policies. Having a complete database of customer and business details makes sales transactions simpler and quicker, ensuring that your business doesn’t lose potential sales.

Possessing all of the relevant information in the same place boosts productivity. In order to tailor it to your business our software allows a number of different details to be entered, such as:

  • product descriptions
  • pricing
  • promotional and discount programmes
  • financial and marketing strategies

Such data is optionally variable by sales channel so that your business can create the best strategy to increase sales and profit.

Diversify Sales Channels

Certain sales channels may perform better depending on the type of business, which is why the ability to implement marketing campaigns across one or all sales channels is really beneficial. Our systems give you access to sales information so that certain channels can be targeted in varying ways.

Businesses have the opportunity to offer discounted or promotional programmes specifically on individual rather than all channels. Introducing deals exclusively to your website, for example, could drive traffic there and increase profits which otherwise may have been lesser. Likewise, products may be offered at a different price through mail order catalogue than elsewhere, for a temporary period of time, until being reverted back to the same price across all channels.

What we offer on each sales channel can be explored in more depth through our sub-pages.