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Integrated E-Commerce, Mail Order & Retail Solutions

Installation Services

At Options we are dedicated to giving the highest customer service to businesses everywhere. Our team are there for you every step of the way, from the installation process to monitoring your live systems. Making sure that your multi channel retailing systems are successfully benefitting your business is one of our main objectives.

Options Systems come with a range of customisation features as well as full support and guidance. We understand that businesses work differently so our simple solutions can be tailored specifically to your business requirements. Our customisation services include:

  • The ability to adapt to any size of business. We have worked with a vast number of clients who have varying degrees of stock and customer profiles. Whether your business operates within a postcoded area, or on a larger nationwide or multinational scale, Options will enhance productivity.
  • Customisation for a business’ unique operational requirements. Data fields can be added specifically with the structure of your business in mind, alongside standard fields such as price and product descriptions.
  • Storage of master reference data and historical trading information. Businesses will have access to this information across all sales channels. This supports on-going marketing strategies with the chance to also vary campaigns on separate channels. Synchronising this data allows you to provide excellent customer services.

All of our Options systems are easy to use for any business professional, without the need for specialist IT knowledge. However our friendly staff are here to offer:

  • Full user training. We want our clients to feel comfortable navigating and using our software so our training team can talk you through the systems. Having a complete understanding of all operational and system administration procedures will ensure ease of productivity.
  • Implementation assistance. The preparations stage of getting your business’ Options systems live is important. Full support is given from the very beginning in order to prepare for the launch of your systems.


Unlike many companies, our support doesn’t just stop once your business’ Options systems go live. We are always at the end of the line for our clients, so that our on-going support gives your business the best service. These values relate to:

  • A commitment to respond to support calls within four working hours. Fixing issues or complications quickly prevents any major affect to a business’ performance.
  • Remote diagnostics. All Options staff members can diagnose any issues or problems with your systems. Talking through these with you over the telephone or via online communication, we are able to provide a quick resolution.
  • Monthly analysis of support activities and status. Giving your business the highest standard of care is a key part of our service, which is why we check the status of a client’s systems regularly.
  • Consultancy and system developments. Our team will monitor your system, frequently communicating with a business to assess specific installation requirements, updates or extensions.

Contact our friendly team by calling us today on 01480 309582 or filling out our simple contact form. At Options we put our clients first so that your business can enhance performance and profitability.