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Integrated E-Commerce, Mail Order & Retail Solutions


Options Retail is an Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system for retail outlets. Gone are the days when standard cash register tills sufficed to carry out a sales transaction for a customer. With the expansion of the online marketplace, retail outlets need to be able to merge both their physical and virtual storefronts to better meet customer’s demands.

Our Retail EPOS system is designed to resolve any retail issues and provide excellent customer service. After all, sales rely on satisfied customers. Boost the productivity and efficiency of your retail staff using our simple solution to in-store retail sales.

Data entry is all completed by touch screens, barcode scanning, and an optional keyboard, meaning that no specific training is required to use our system. With a variety of features which can be tailored to your business, our team of experts will help design a system that makes sales quick and easy, introducing external benefits as well.

Target customers in your physical storefront

The shift of businesses to online platforms has reshaped the retail marketplace, but physical storefronts are still valuable to businesses and their customers. Essentially retail outlets place customers at the forefront which is why our EPOS system largely focuses on serving your customers, with a number of its built-in features.

Outlets give businesses the opportunity to directly engage with their customers in person. This opens up chances to further market and promote, an increase in sales being the end goal. Customers visiting or buying from a store can be presented with marketing materials such as a:

  • free company magazine
  • business card
  • leaflet
  • competition flyer
  • discount code or coupon

Also, direct communication between staff and customers is ideal for gaining feedback to improve your business or store.

Sync data across sales channels and software

Options Retail is integrated with the main Options Mail Order Software, ensuring that customer-facing staff have all of the tools and information necessary to serve customers. Staff will have access to stock levels, prices, images, various other product details, and related products – all at their fingertips. Orders and returns can be simply managed for Mail Order customers using the Retail System too, providing consistency of service for all of your customers.

Maximising professionalism and sales potential is key for any business. If an item is out of stock in the requirements needed, staff are able to advise customers about alternative means of purchase. There may be another outlet branch that the customer could buy the product from, the item could be ordered from the warehouse for in-store or home collection, or there may be a similar item that could interest the customer. These options reduce the risk of losing sales, whilst also boosting customer loyalty.

Boost sales with our EPOS system functions

More than just a till, our software goes beyond standard till functionalities so that you can stand ahead of your competition. All of the features have securing a loyal customer database and generating sales in mind, by safely storing your customers’ details.

The ability to record customers’ details allows you to build and expand upon a marketable database. This can then be used to drive traffic and sales to your business. With these details your business will be able to further connect with customers across a number of different platforms. Marketing or promotional material can be sent to a customer through:

  • email newsletters
  • mobile messaging
  • social media accounts
  • mail postal delivery

The filter system allows you to select a specific type of customer to target within your customer database. For example students might be rewarded with different offers from other customers.

Payment methods and discount schemes

In order to better serve your customers, making payments needs to be easy. Our EPOS system offers multiple payment methods enhancing flexibility within the business. Chip & PIN, cheque, cash and gift vouchers are all accepted forms of payment which our system can easily process. Customers can even combine payment methods on any given sale.

The main Options Mail Order Systems hold all of the information relating to product prices and discounts. Using the software, individual retail outlets can vary prices or introduce discounts where necessary. This can be particularly useful for specific events: a new store might have an opening weekend and want to offer discounts to prompt sales, or a business may choose to run in-store reward schemes on a certain day.