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Top 30 Influential Retail Blogs to Inspire Business Owners

Best Retail Blogs

If you’re looking for outstanding, inspirational retail blogs, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the 30 most inspiring retail blogs online today.

As you know, there’s no shortage of high-quality retail blogs around the web. But we decided to separate the ones that are good with the ones that are great!

Whether you're a direct source within the retail industry or simply like to keep up to date on the latest retail news, these blogs will give you the tools, tips and techniques to get the most out of your retail strategy.



NRF (National Retail Federation)


The NRF Blog is the one place to find exactly what’s happening right now in the retail industry. Whilst the main talking point is retail trends, they also cover a range of interesting topics including consumer trends, merchandising, store operations and technology updates.




The Forrester retail blog features in depth interviews with people all around the world working in many different retail sectors, along with detailed statistics, trends and hot topics in the industry. Contributed by various professionals from distinct retail backgrounds, this blog is perfect for gaining specific insights from industry experts.


Startups Retail Business Guides


The startups retail business guide offers tons of useful advice for retail and business start-ups all in one place. Revealing effective tricks and techniques to get a new business up on its feet, specific “how to” guides and influential information to help you realise your small business idea; a blog that must be read!


Retail Week


There’s no doubting the capacity and quality of reading material on this website. Retail Week have taken blogging to a new level, whilst providing the most recent findings and happenings in retail, technology and multichannel retailing, they’ve taken a more interactive approach including elements like “The Retail Week Video”. It’s a must for all in the retail industry and those who are generally interested.


Vend HQ


Inspiring to say the least, the Vend HQ blog shares a range of trusty tips for retail success from industry experts themselves. Expect to see a range of well collated retail trends, success stories and news on upcoming retail events.


Retail Wire


With almost 100 industry experts contributing to Retail Wire every week, you have an idea of what to expect here, quality. Join in with discussions and commentary on the most recent retailing news and see the opinions of those who have worked in the industry for a number of years. It’s super simple search facility allows you to search by keyword and by specific formant i.e. webinars, headlines and tweets.


Retail TouchPoints


Retail TouchPoints offers a range of cutting edge content surrounding various topics including technology reviews and opinions, new world cross-channel retailing and customer experience improvement. Regular contributions are made by experts in retail and the information provided is always valuable.


Retail Customer Experience


Retail Customer Experience presents detailed articles from industry experts sharing their insights on how to both design and deliver the best customer experiences, Topics vary from industry tips and tricks, and customer focused advice as well as future expectations of customer service.


Retail Design Blog


It’s important for any retail store or brand to be well presented, I’m sure you’ll agree. Retail Design blog adds various articles, case studies and general advice on a daily basis covering invaluable subjects including store design, branding, exhibit design and visual merchandising. 


The Retail Doctor


Bob Phibbs aka The Retail Doctor takes a different approach to the types of content published surrounding retail. The blog has a more personal approach and he kindly contributes many worthwhile pieces discussing employee management and recruiting, retail sales training and customer service advice.


Planet Retail


Planet Retail unveils several detailed insights beneficial to those businesses dealing with consumer products and retailing. Many interesting takes on the world of retail design, creation, marketing, distribution and merchandising. With over 20,000 retail professionals already subscribing, that number alone should be enough to make any business in retail do the same.


Retail Minded


Focussing primarily on news, support and education for independent businesses, Retail Minded is the opinions of experienced retail and wholesale professional Nicole Leinbach Reyhle. Having worked with reputable names like Adidas, Sears and Franco Sarto, Nicole presents tons of precious information for small businesses working in retail.


Retail Gazette


Retail Gazette was created for retail professional to gain up to the minute information from the UK retail industry. Including independently-sourced news stories, interviews and analysis covering a range of widely spoken about topics such as property, technology and HR; its well worth getting a report of the day-to-day happenings in all that is retail.


Retail Pro


Retail Pro touches predominantly on the use of technology and analytics in retail, both present findings and likely future trends, along with many interesting takes on the use of mobile phones in retail, including mobile payment overview and opinions on the latest shopping apps.


Insights on Business


Insights on Business is well known for its reputable insights into the world of today’s businesses and the direction in which things are moving, and their retail section is no different. Contributed by many distinguished names in the industry, Insights on Business allows you to gather opinions and views on various topics surrounding the world of retailing via the “IBM Expert Corner”.


Retail Prophet


Doug Stephens aka Retail Prophet is known as one of the world’s foremost retail industry futurists. Having released outstanding material in many forms, including books, TV and web series, it’s difficult not to feast your eyes on his blog. Delving into the world of advertising, branding, customer service, HR, mobile marketing and Social Media to name just a few, all content on this blog is highly useful and should be treasured by all wanting to be successful in retail.


Soult's Retail View


Soult’s Retail View is the well balanced opinions of Graham Soult, the notorious retail consultant, writer and blogger. Explore a bucket load of intriguing articles based around shops on the high street and the extensive world of online shopping.


The Retail Blogger


The Retail Blogger is the combined expert opinions of Tony Bryant, Max Way and Natalie Bruins of K3 Retail. Each specialising in specific elements of retail, this blog gives a well-rounded insight into the world of multichannel retail. This blog is the perfect hub to stay ahead of the latest retail news from creditable industry experts.


Social Retail Blog


This blog is perfect for those to discover the latest innovations in social media for retailers. From twitter techniques to social retail analytics, Social Retail Blog recognises the challenges faced by retail businesses and using social media and their trustworthy articles will certainly help you to improve your current social situation.


Design 4 Retail


Design 4 Retail specialise in the design of store interior, window displays, pop-up shops and promotional events. Their blog is packed with inspirational ideas to add bags of creativity to your retail shop or brand. Plus, it’s nice just too view all the great work they’ve been producing!


Retail Insider


Retailer Insider, founded and written by business specialist Glynn Davis, offers a diverse mix of opinions, insights and columns based predominantly around the retail industry, with a few leisure sector posts to mix things up. Also, regular Q&A’s with leading multi-channel retail and ecommerce industry specialists, well worth a read.


CrossCap Retail Marketing Blog


Being both informational and inspiring, the Retail Marketing Blog by CrossCap focuses solely on retail marketing strategy, social media techniques and a range of omni-channel retailing news and opinions.


New Retail


New Retail aims to provide the latest news, insights and inspiration into the world of new retail. Find numerous articles and posts entering the realms of brand strategy, consumer trends, retail data and marketing.


Customer Insight Loyalty Blog


The Loyalty Blog by Customer Insight gives fresh opinions and ideas for building a profitable customer relationship. Articles always include detailed findings with useful statistics to back them up.  It’s simply a perfect hub for those in retail aiming to improve consumer relations.


Retail Eye


Retail Eye, contributed by the team at J.C. Williams Group, write about retailing trends, concepts and best practices that all in retail should be taking notice of. Helping companies all around the world to become successful with consumers, the information and opinions they provide should be valued by all.


Retail Store Windows


Retail Store Windows are the opinions of fashion visual merchandising author, lecturer and blogger, Jonathan Baker. He’s passionate about store windows, and this is quite clear from his blogs. With regular updates on the latest store windows, displays and events in and around London,  anybody looking for store window inspiration (especially those working in fashion retail) should be reading this blog.


Real Service


The Real Service news blog focuses on ideas and tactics to increase revenue, retention and reputation specifically in the real estate business. Contributed regularly by founder and managing director Howard Morgan, his experience in the industry doesn’t go unnoticed throughout his articles.


Mercedes-Benz Retail Group


Although this blog is niche specific, Mercedes-Benz Retail Group endeavour to create a distinctive range of driving tips, product overviews and a closer look at many motor show events across the globe. A must-read for those working in the motor retail industry or for just for your general car enthusiast.


Mass Market Retailers


Mass Market Retailers focuses on, well, the mass market. There biweekly global news publications serve all of those working in the mass retail industry. You’re certain to find the most compelling news, opinions and special reports all in one place.


The Shelf Edge


The Shelf Edge, written by the team at Vestcom, largely focus on marketing insights for a new retail economy, including marketing strategy techniques, shopper marketing intuition and ways to improve your retail methods.

Posted Wednesday, 27th May 2015