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Multichannel Retailing Infographic

Multichannel retailing offers many benefits to companies and their customers, proving to be a crucial component for successful retail businesses. Increasing opportunities, as well as boosting sales, multichannel retailing gives customer’s the full shopping experience. At Options Mail Order we understand the value of selling on multiple channels which is why our software integrates them all.

Making retailing simple

No matter what platform a purchase is made on, a customer is likely to go through a similar process, so making this purchasing process easy for customers is essential in order to achieve sales. Multichannel retailing opens up possibilities to customers, giving them the chance to choose the platform they are most comfortable using or that is most convenient at the time. By allowing multiple buying platforms, a company’s services can be better tailored to suit each individual customer.

Although statistics show varying results across channels, it is a myth to think that physical storefronts are no longer necessary. Despite people being more likely to conduct product research online, the majority feel more comfortable making purchases in store. This is understandable as shop purchases give customers the chance to actually see and hold the products, as well as try multiple sizes where necessary. Whilst mobile technology is yet to compare to online retailing, in store retail is still just as relevant today.

Research indicates that many people don’t make a purchase through just a single channel. Offering multiple sales platforms broadens opportunities for customers, allowing them to switch between channels, before committing to a purchase. Companies should not underestimate the importance of the research stage in buying. Ensuring all sales platforms have the correct and sufficient information allows for a more complete customer experience of the quality that they expect.

Other advantages to multichannel retailing

We shouldn’t forget the benefits to businesses themselves though. Integrated solutions across channels allow businesses to synchronise customer details, generating usable data for marketing strategies. Our software stores this data in a single database, providing a simple solution for target marketing and thus ways to maximise a customer’s lifetime revenue.

Comparing the statistics from the UK and the USA, customer feedback is largely similar, proving the advantages of multichannel retailing. Find out more about multichannel retailing and how important it is for generating a brilliant customer experience in our infographic.

Here at Options Mail Order we create solutions to help aid your business strategy and pave smoother transactions. Contact our team for more information and visit our blog for further business tips and advice.

Posted Monday, 26th January 2015