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Why Do Content-Driven Ecommerce Strategies Matter?

It is no longer enough for ecommerce websites to offer a host of products and an easy checkout method. Consumers look for more when they shop now, expecting guidance on products, inspiration, and advice, amongst other things. Thus content and commerce go hand in hand to develop a fully formed customer experience. Implementing content-driven ecommerce strategies can vastly boost a company’s reputation, build relationships with customers, and drive sales.


There are two key components to content-driven ecommerce:

  • Interactivity
  • Storytelling

Introducing content into your ecommerce sales platform is incredibly simple and can take on many different forms. Understanding what is the most relevant to your customers is imperative to being successful with content marketing.  Transforming your online storefront into a valuable destination and resource for customers, as well as building a community, will see increases in sales and brand trust.


E commerce Interactivity

The more engaged a consumer is with a brand the more likely they are to make a purchase (and continue to make purchases in the future). Making your ecommerce website as interactive as possible will add an enjoyable factor to online shopping for customers. There are a number of ways to bring interactivity into place but perhaps the most common are comment features or community forums, and social media share buttons.

Letting customers actively engage with your brand and share their experiences with other users is a vital marketing strategy. Many ecommerce websites now allow customers to leave feedback or comments on individual product pages. This not only develops a brand’s reputation (if the feedback is positive!) it also illuminates judgements made by other customers. If a product has been recommended customers are much more likely to buy it themselves.

Not making the most of social media opportunities to create a seamless relationship between your brand and online presence loses out on the engagement factor customers are demanding. Adding social share buttons to product pages and across your website allows customers to get more involved with a brand. It’s a bonus for you too because any external coverage of your brand will drive traffic back to your website and raise brand awareness.

Storytelling techniques

Brands shouldn’t underestimate the power of storytelling. A fundamental part of content-driven ecommerce is creating an identity for your brand; one which is relatable to your customers. Pinpointing your brand’s identity will humanise your company in the eyes of your customers, building trust and loyalty.

To use the term ‘content spectrum’, Amy Callahan of Collective Bias describes storytelling in these words:

“At one end, the brand’s messaging is about being helpful and at the other end the brand’s messaging is about entertaining. Helpful content shows how the product will fit into the consumer’s life, hits on convenience or utility, takes us behind the scenes, introduces us to community or simply shows us how it works. Entertaining content is about letting the consumer express themselves, making us smile, laugh or cry or even gives us a chance to interact directly with the brand.”

Using interesting and engaging content to tell your brand’s story will grab your consumers’ attention, something that is vital in the ever-competitive world of ecommerce. Rich media such as appealing visual elements are essential. Implementing videos, lookbooks, infographics, podcasts and online magazines are all creative and easy ways to keep your customers engaged and excited about your brand.

Open up your brand to consumers through content strategies. Although it could be argued that content distracts customers from actually making a purchase, if there is a clear link between content and sales customers are likely to stay engaged. Know your brand inside and out and showcase this to your customers in a fun and innovative way.

Reach out to your customers

Content is an undeniably powerful tool for brands selling online. Unlocking a brand’s potential can be led by rich content, seeing a growth in brand reputation, customer loyalty or trust, and ultimately sales. Although the world of content marketing can seem daunting there are ways to get it very right. Know your customers and what they want then integrate these demands into your own aims for a profitable and flourishing company.

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Posted Wednesday, 18th February 2015