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Mail Order

Options Mail Order has been designed for use by businesses working in high volume data entry environments. The software has been specifically shaped with businesses in mind so that it is easy to understand and navigate. No specialist IT knowledge is required, allowing all business professionals to use and implement the software into the workings of a business.

In consideration of the rising demand of customers and the broadening scope of technology, mail order systems make it possible to reach out to potential customers on various sales channels. From catalogue and telephone orders, to online website sales, mail order software provides a simple solution to help manage the buying of goods and services by mail order.

There are various components that should be involved in any mail order system, and our experts can guide you through the entire process. From the initial marketing or remarketing of products and services, to managing sales and stock, right up to assessing your business’ finances, we will always prioritise your customers so that you can provide an excellent and efficient service.

Our mail order systems are divided up into distinct areas of work which are each managed by specially trained experts. In order for you to receive the best service, our staff members will be assigned appropriately, and all have a clear knowledge of accessing a range of areas from controlled through to sensitive.

See below for a brief overview of each of our mail order functions and click the links for further information.

  • Marketing: Creating a marketing strategy is important for any business. Marketing campaigns can be integrated into our software and guidance offered by our staff to strengthen your campaign. Promotions, pricing and discounts, as well as customer list generators can help to target a specific customer base, increasing sales.
  • Merchandising: Managing products at SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) level and through styles, attributes, and bills of materials will help to keep your business on top of stock. Product categories, specifications and details can be set to encompass a wider variety of products available to sell.
  • Sales Order Management: designed with high volumes of orders in mind, the order entry feature generates an efficient time management system. Customer orders can be processed efficiently to ensure the maximum productivity of your service, as well as driving upsell opportunities to your agents.
  • Customer Service: Building and maintaining a good relationship with your customers is essential to providing excellent customer service. Our software will give you the tools and features to accommodate for your customers, by keeping a comprehensive record of the details and order history of each individual customer.
  • Warehousing & Stock Control: With efficiency in mind when handling stock, the software can be used for companies with any size warehouse, number of warehouses or stock capacity. The process has been designed to make stock control administration work far less time consuming, and more systematic so that you can optimise purchasing requirements.
  • Purchase Order Management: Stock levels can be constantly managed in order to appropriately replenish stock for new and existing products. The software can specifically target demand using a detailed report of orders, giving your business the ability to meet customer expectations.
  • Financial Management: A financial history can be logged for each individual customer, from orders and despatches, to returns and other miscellaneous debits or credits. Having a detailed financial management system will help your company reach a level of high quality customer service.
  • Business Analytics: Understanding your business is at the heart of its success. Observing the failures as well as successes of a business is essential in order to make appropriate judgements and decisions that will have an impact. Achieving clear and accurate business analytics allows a business to constantly grow and improve, generating increasing profit levels.
  • Additional Modules: Having worked with a number of different business sectors, we have a clear understanding that individual trades require certain operational procedures which others do not. The additional modules have specific trade and market sectors in mind. Our team are also dedicated to creating new software to meet your business’ requirements.