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Integrated E-Commerce, Mail Order & Retail Solutions


Ecommerce essentially brings the marketplace to an online platform, allowing businesses to sell their products or services directly through a website, and customers to purchase them electronically. At Options we understand how crucial ecommerce is, which is why we provide effective ecommerce solutions to make selling on the internet easy.

The retail market is highly competitive so it is important that businesses meet the demands of customers by using every available sales channel, to maximum effect. Ecommerce is modelled around the customer, meeting two of the key demands, ease and speed. In a world largely dominated by technology, businesses have a wider chance of expanding but only if they offer multi channel retailing and a variety of options to their potential customers.

Online Payments

Opening up an online sales platform can be a prominent part of a business’ success. With the chance to reach a mass market, around the clock, ecommerce retail systems offer many benefits both to businesses and their customers. Maximising the time your storefront is available to market products or services eliminates a lot of the boundaries set in place for actual brick and mortar stores.

When customers purchase online, they can make payments with their credit card. All payments are made through a payment gateway to ensure that transactions are secure. We can build and install solutions which eliminate the chance of fraud, so that your customers feel safe providing their credit card and personal details over the internet.

Ecommerce and Your Business

Ecommerce brings your business right to a customer’s door and has convenience at its centre. Shopping online can make finding a specific product with the right details, such as colour or size, a lot easier. With no queues and the ability to make an instant payment, online sales channels have become increasingly popular for customers. The ease of shopping to fit around a schedule, whether on the go or within the comfort of the home, is incredibly appealing to most.

 Just some of the benefits of ecommerce to businesses include the chance to:

  • Increase sales by enticing customers with exclusive online discounts, promotions, or products.
  • Sell products at a competitive and lower price, without affecting product margins.
  • Generate income regardless of whether your storefront is open for business.
  • Be more flexible with working hours due to an online store being open 24 hours a day.
  • Move beyond geographical boundaries in order to reach a wider market, nationwide or international.
  • Cut overhead costs including the maintenance of a store or property rental, and by reducing the number of employees needed.

Click & Collect

Our ecommerce solutions can be built to implement Click & Collect. This fairly recent online sales initiative combines the convenience of online shopping with in-store collections. Customers are able to order when they have time, and collect when they have time.

Helpful for people with busy or specific schedules, customers do not have to worry about missing a parcel but can find and select their local store to collect an item. We’d recommend this delivery option as another service to offer your customers.


Click and Collect is now complimented by Collect+ to allow consumers to pick up their goods at a local participating location such as petrol stations and smaller convenience stores. This option further enhances the customer experience by never missing a delivery of your goods.

Other Initiatives

The online marketplace would not be the same without PayPal, Google and Ebay. Our ecommerce retail systems can seamlessly interface these into your sales website. As one of the world’s largest internet payment companies, we are aware that many businesses use PayPal to manage and process their online sales payments.

Google search engines offer a shopping adverts feature to help customers find the right product even quicker which is advantageous to businesses. Being the biggest online auction platform, we can connect ecommerce solutions for businesses to Ebay accounts too so that whatever the size or sector of your business you can benefit from our ecommerce solutions.

Choose between our Partner Package or Complete Package:

Partner Package

  • The Options development team can work alongside your existing ecommerce partner, so that orders are transferred from your website into our database system. 
  • Managing information regarding product changes and stock levels is easy, and the information can be communicated either in real-time or through periodic updates.
  • Our software can accept ‘paid for’ orders or card details which will then be used to charge via datacash or other PPS during an agreed order stage, e.g. at picking or despatch.

Complete Package

  • We can construct an ecommerce solution from scratch to match your business’ requirements.
  • Advice will be offered along the way to ensure that you receive the best service and that your ecommerce retail system is easy for customers to navigate.
  • The ‘ONe amendment Change Everywhere’ (ONCE) cuts down the time spent on admin when managing or handling data. Amended or updated data will be replicated across all sales channels (Mail Order, Retail, and Ecommerce).
  • Your website will be integrated with datacash or other PPS which will take your customers’ payments in a secure environment, meeting current compliance standards.