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Customer Services

We all know that the essence of good customer service is the forming of an excellent relationship with your customer. Our aim is to provide you with the tools and information required to build this relationship.

Each of your customers will have their own customer record detailing all their catalogue requests, orders and other key contacts that have been generated with your company.

The majority of the information held by any one particular customer can be accessed via the Customer History Screen. Users are then able to switch seamlessly between the Order Entry screen and the Customer History screen.

Customer Service features include:

  • Add new orders, update existing orders, cancel orders, hold and release orders.
  • Returns, exchanges and replacement orders.
  • View stock availability and expected delivery dates for out of stock products.
  • Email facility available to be sent automatically if the expected delivery date changes.
  • Allocate and de-allocate stock by order line.
  • Set order priority and ship complete flags as appropriate.
  • Add notes to a customers order or their account record.
  • View financial transactions and allocate funds to invoiced customers.
  • Make miscellaneous payments and refunds.