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Integrated E-Commerce, Mail Order & Retail Solutions

Additional Modules

OPTIONS offers a comprehensive range of additional modules to enhance the standard system procedures.

These additional modules reflect specific operational procedures, some of which are particular to certain forms of trade and market sectors, and others (with a broader base) used to enhance the standard system procedures.

All additional modules are fully integrated with the standard Mail Order System and can be supplied with or subsequent to an OPTIONS installation.

Courier Interfaces

Used for courier label production, consignment tracking and courier performance analysis.

Cheque Printing

Supports batch production of cheques for payment of refunds and miscellaneous credit.

Barcode Printing

From the OPTIONS product records, print product code and EAN barcodes for subsequent barcode scanning for picking, packing, despatching, etc. Likewise, stock location barcodes for warehouse scanning.

Multiple Currency

Take advantage of globalisation by accepting orders in different currencies. Over 50% of the UK’s exports are to Europe so is your company missing out on this vital market?

Web Services

Web Services are for OPTIONS users who want to include a combination of ecommerce, retail, and advanced warehouse management into their supply chain mix with OPTIONS Mail Order.

The Web Services effect the two-way real-time integration between the ecommerce, retail sales channels and the warehouse barcode scanning with the user’s central OPTIONS database.

Anything Else?

Options would be delighted to meet with you and talk through any other ideas you may have. Our software developers are always looking for a new challenge so put us to the test!